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A Few Pizza Places Near Me that Deliver

Who doesn’t love the idea of pizza? In any place in the world, whether it is the country, the city or the suburbs, pizza is one of the most popular go to foods for lunch and dinner. The charm behind small country towns would be their own personal take on the phenomenon called pizza. We all assume that pizza came from Italy but the “idea” of pizza is from origins unknown. Small changes in ingredients can determine the preference that one has for a pizza restaurant. We personally like the local pizza places that deliver near me to a degree. If we had the capability to travel to New York for one slice, we probably would not hesitate to make that move.

The Country Pizza

So what is a country pizza and how is it made? Generally the same as a city pizza but we all know that when you slow things down to a crawl the way that country folk do, things generally become better. Country folk would add their own spin to the popular recipes. Adding barbecue as a topping it becomes barbecue pizza. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pizza. I had my first version of a country pizza at a local pizza restaurant. In all actuality, it was no different from any other type of pizza yo u may have experienced. The difference with this pizza was the location and the location alone. I was in Alabama and everything was so country. The people, the streets and the food were all so different compared to what I was used to living in New York my entire life. One might argue that the difference I experienced was of my own creation but I knew deep down that was not the case.


The Different Pizza Places

In most cities you have the major pizza chains like pizza hut, Dominoes and Little Caesers, here in Alabama you had the same but the name of the pizza places is what make this such a foreign experience. There were no Luigi’s or Italiano’s or any other stereotypical name of a restaurant. The pizza places here were named things like Gus’s and Zeik’s. Not one Italian name in sight! It reminds me of how dialects change when you cross borders. Not too many Italians with their olive toppings live in the south so the restaurants aren’t named for Italians. Makes sense right? With the popularity of pizza, southern restaurants adopted the dish for themselves and have done a great job at it.

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